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Lucie Courchesne


At the age of 24 (1988), following the recommendation of my brother-in-law I decided to see a colonic hygienist about intestinal pain alternating from diarrhea to constipation.

Upon my arrival, I had to sit in the waiting room, since the therapist was very busy, there was time for doubt : would I be better or worse after the session?


At the time I was working in physiotherapy, and I knew that this type of therapy was not recommended.

My apprehensions quickly disappeared. As soon as the gases released and the evacuation started, I felt much better.

I will never forget how I felt after treatment. The abdominal pressure, that had plagued me every day was gone..

That’s when I decided that I needed to learn about of colonic irrigation.....


Hydrotherapy Hydro-Colonic Colon Irrigation who is Lucie Courchesne?
Hydrotherapy Hydro-Colonic Colon Irrigation Who is Lucie Courchesne?

Lucie Courchesne is a membre of CCHCC ( Corporation Canadienne des Hygiénistes Certifiés du Côlon )

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