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Hydrotherapy Colonic Irrigation Naturopathe Colonic irrigation (hydrotherapy) performed by a certified hygenist.


First, the hydro therapist will take the time to interview the patient to establish a relationship and determine whether there are any contraindications. The hydro therapist will take the time to explain in detail the session to the patient.

Just before the session, the person will empty their bladder (If possible) to maximize comfort during the treatment. The patient will lay down on the side to proceed to the lubrication of the anus. The practitioner introduces a cannula in the rectum (about 2 inches), a pipe will be plugged on the side of the cannula bringing water to the colon and another pipe will allow the feces evacuation. All this material is single-use.

The hygienist does repetitive bathes of the large intestine, with purified water at body temperature (37 degrees Celsius or, in certain cases, temperature alternation). An abdominal massage is carried throughout the session allowing:

fragmentation of the waste for a better evacuation

relaxation of the tense areas of the intestine

stimulation of the intestine to evacuate its waste

After the session, the patient will go evacuate the remaining water in the toilet. Afterwards, a bacterial (bifidus) will be added rectally. A bacterial oral supply is also strongly recommended.

Subsequently, the therapist will establish a health checkup on the state of the patient’s intestine and give recommendations. The subsequent sessions will be established according to each individuals needs.




Among the benefits of colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, we find:

A great sensation of well-being from the evacuation of the intestinal waste

Pressure relief on the other organs and weightlessness

Hot water bringing warmth to the body and relaxing the intestinal muscles

Complexion improvement

Help for the intestinal transit




Colon hydrotherapy remains a very old practice, even though it is still not well known or accepted in our society nowadays.

We can note in medical history that all traditional medicines hold that the intestinal functioning is responsible or co-responsible for our health wellbeing.

Historically, the colonic irrigation started in Egypt over 5000 years ago. In Greece, the ancients would use a form of colonic irrigation. In India, they resorted to rectal showers and abdominal massages, whereas in China, they used regulating and disinfectant plants to relieve the intestine.

Hippocrates, father of medicine, and Galen also used this type of hydrotherapy in their health plans.

In the East, we report that one of the definitions for “of the wise” for Buddha was “the one that goes well of the intestine”.

Many yogis, as with the followers of Hatha Yoga, also knew the practices of external intestinal purifications; the rectal showers were formerly administered with a calabash, a bamboo and the water was pumped up with special abdominal contractions or with coffee cleanings.

In France, it is Ambroise Paré who advocated the virtues of intestinal cleanings. Catherine Kousmine, on her behalf, advocated the use of intestinal evacuation methods in order to maintain health and a strong immune system.

In England, Dr Siewart trained many colon therapists and hygienists, since Princess Diana declared having benefited from it. The colonic hydrotherapy then became more popular among the English.

As for our American neighbors, Dr Bernard Jensen and Norman Walker were leaders who promulgated and informed the American population on the benefits of the colonic irrigation.

Closer to us, Dr Albert, in his radio shows informed the population on this controversial technique. He was the first to advocate the common sense approach.

Throughout time, general hygiene has evolved. Hand hygiene has allowed us to counter many epidemic illnesses. Also, dental hygiene has become an integral part of our habits and contributed to dental and digestive health.


Now, can we hope that intestinal hygiene will take importance in your health maintenance?

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